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Sandwell District - Feed-Forward album

Sandwell District - Feed-Forward album
Performer: Sandwell District
Title: Feed-Forward
Released: 2010
Country: UK
Style: Techno, Ambient
Genre: Electro
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 431
MP3 size: 1356 mb
FLAC size: 1222 mb


Immolare (First)
Immolare (Main)
Immolare (Final)
Grey Cut Out
Hunting Lodge
Falling The Same Way
Double Day
Speed + Sound (Endless)


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
SD2X12" 01, SDLTD 7 Sandwell District Feed-Forward ‎(2x12", Cle + 7" + Album, Ltd) Sandwell District, Sandwell District SD2X12" 01, SDLTD 7 UK 2010
FFCD01 Sandwell District Feed Forward ‎(8xFile, FLAC) Sandwell District FFCD01 UK 2011
FFCD01 Sandwell District Feed Forward ‎(8xFile, MP3, 320) Sandwell District FFCD01 UK 2011
FFCD01 Sandwell District Feed Forward ‎(8xFile, WAV) Sandwell District FFCD01 UK 2011

О себе: Sandwell District, Sandwell Road, Birmingham, Великобритания, Sandwell District was a record label and multinational collective of techno DJs and producers that operated between 2002 and 2011.

Sandwell District - Feed-Forward Sandwell District began back in 2002-now, at the beginning of 2011, we are edging towards the completed picture. Function, Regis, Silent Servant and Female have never actively pursued anonymity: The nebulous hue cast over their label was merely an information drought. The pair of clear vinyl on which the album's nine tracks are pressed are accompanied by a fanzine of John Mendez (Silent Servant) artworks and an additional 7-inch. Most pertinently, though, Feed-Forward represents the first full exploration of the Sandwell District sound world.

от лица компании "Sandwell District")" и другие авторские общества (3). Композиция. Speed and Sound (Z:arts Lab Version). от лица компании "Sandwell District")" и другие авторские общества (5). Ещё. Свернуть.

Sandwell District was a record label and multinational collective of techno DJs and producers that operated between 2002 and 2011. Their sound has been highly influential across the following generation of techno musicians, and has informed a major shift in world techno. By the time the collective announced its "glorious death" in 2012 the American Billboard magazine could write that "Sandwell District's influence on underground techno can hardly be overstated.

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One of the only slabs of wax, that actually is worth the triple figures. Considering it wont be getting repressed, now that the label isn't operating anymore. A true masterpiece.
Took digital in car for proper listening (evaluating such an hyped record at home could lead to misunderstanding, I thought ...) and I must say that it is not that milestone. Certainly the style is clear and the 'rite of techno' well preserved, but I can't remember a track in particular. You have many religious tributes to Basic Channel, to Rob Hood's best moments, to Surgeon/Regis BMB and the sole truly seminal track - thinking to 2010 - 'Immolare', seems to me not enough for declaring that "Feed Forward" is a masterpiece. Of course this is not a record that humans can buy, but my comment it's not simply a matter of 'vulpes et uva', according to Aesop's tale. I mean: there are better works out there that people can play and enjoy, so the risk is to forget the music - that remains valuable - making this 2ep a mere battleground for collectors (or -my god ...- investors !!!).
I like this style of techno. Dark, ominous and death simple, yet ultimately immersing. Harsh POW POW POW without gimmicks, just the tribal rhythms, anemic hi hats and right amount of cold ambiance for immersive experience. I am new to the techno, and am surprised how little there seems to be production familiar to this style. Most of the style are either too complex and uplifting (Detroit), has stupid gimmicks like the bleeping lead (typical in minimal techno as well as in big room house), are too experimental and weird (some brutal techno), are too soft (dub techno, 90's ambient techno) or sound too polished.Is there a name for this type of techno to distinguish from the former? Hypnotic, mantra like techno where ruthless beats meets ambient, still preserving enough impact to blast in the after hours? Raw style, no gimmicks.
the best response i can give would be... late sandwell district.
Prince of Denmark is not and never will be in the same league as Sandwell District.
im not a big fan of this one.. but according to your discription i would say prince of denmark.
The 7" that comes with this album contains two of the finest ambient/electronic music tracks I have ever heard!! Soaring, light as air synth lines dominate and amaze. Beautiful, beautiful music!! Bravo SD
killer record. wish these guys were still putting out music together, but their solo stuff is absolutely worth checking out as well.
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
This release is definitely my worst case of sleeping on a record in history. The whole package was selling brand new for approx £28 which sold pretty quickly and I noticed the last few copies available on Boomkat were selling at £35. I scoffed at the price thinking nah this will get a standard 2x12" pressing and they will keep this one as the collectors item and decided not to proceed. What an absolute fool, knowing full well the supreme quality of this album release and having had the chance to listen to the stunning ambient cuts on the 7" recently made me question what am I doing with my life. The 12" samplers and the CD release go someway to repair the damage, but this one will always be the one I think about that got away.
Haha all in the same boat bud! And the last years I've just been watching the price rise with depressing consistency just wishing it I bought it 12 months earlier. You win some you lose some but this one really stings!
Longitude Temporary
This is perfect
A truly fantastic album which deserves it's broad recognition. Sanwell District's "debut" is not your standard repetitive berlin-style minimal techno crap. This is techno with deeper facettes, at times recalling the ambient techno heydays in the mid 90s although with a harder modern touch. A perfect soundtrack for your post-apocalyptic party in a destroyed metropole. Fans of the newer albums by The Black Dog and the latest offerings by Surgeon take a note.
Now that some time has passed and the hyped has died down (not to mention my own giddy-ness and hope), I feel like I have just truly, truly enjoyed this for the album that it is. I have the vinyl, but I've just listened to the CD version (different track versions, and includes that Silent Servant/Regis edit track from the 12"), after quite some time passing. I'm not going to say much in the way of a review, cos it's all been said, but I feel like I've just realized how classic an album this is going to be in years to come. And that all of the praise is fully warranted. Put this up there with any classic techno/house/electronic/industrial LP. Even if you don't put it "up there", it'll be there. Don't bother denying it.
In my opinion this is a majestic release. While I haven’t previously been the most ardent and dedicated Sandwell District follower, this is on a whole new level. What bugged me from time to time on their previous releases was the overload of Chain Reaction/Echospace-like luxuriant atmospheres, the endless reworks (a fair chunk of their catalog contain three variations of the same piece by the same four artists) – make no mistake though, they do have one of the finest rosters in the industry today, and I have been down with the likes of Sumner, Sutton & O’Connor since their early Downwards days, but sometimes when you have the same people reinterpreting each other’s creations in circles, I get, how to put it eloquently, lost in the shuffle.However, that changes with Feed forward. While some of their offspring I’ve had a chance to listen to boasted refined, voluptuous production; nice, deep and crispy sounds, their latest has that wonderfully warm, human, even – if I may come across as trite – analog touch. Don’t misunderstand me here and confuse analog with lame, out of date. The whole album has a really live, palpable feel to it, and it shows. The music actually breathes, whereas many modern albums are just so damn loud, sharp and overly crystal, with their obsession to sound perfect. This one throws me back to the days when human ingenuity was preferred to the mathematical exactness of state of the art software, and when the likes of Regis could publish an unmastered album and still get it deemed a classic.Full of delicate sound textures, Feed forward is set with inconspicuous field recordings, which frequently sound like someone was passing through an orchard early morning during spring, letting their dainty fingers tips remove the dew, left the previous night by the emerald rain, off the leaves. Exuberant in detail as it is copious in versatility, Feed forward is from my viewpoint the incontrovertible pinnacle of the label’s collected output thus far.Be it the breezy, chilly opener Immolare (First), the groovy drive and meticulous, progressive introduction and manipulation of passages on Hunting Lodge and Immolare (Main) – notice how both have that distinctive rhythm patterns and dense layering, a trademark of Regis’ peerless knack for crafting a vivacious beat. The bare, susceptible and harmonic beauty of Falling The Same Way and Speed + Sound leave a mark where it hurts the most. It’s true that the latter contains elements of the melody from Function’s track on "V/A Sandwell District (sampler single one)" [SDSMP1], but listen sincerely to any of the two tracks, and tell me you actually mind.Grey Cut Out will make you want to lose it like nobody was watching, laying down those heavy BMB off-beat drums and industrial whispering, and when combined with the sweet melodic break down halfway through, it leaves you torn between transforming the dance floor into an asylum or annexing your ear lobe to speaker at home.The peeled, captivating and reverberating Svar is a nod to the more common SD stuff we are accustomed to. Double Day is old school with the acid bleeps arranged throughout the background and a lush lead solemnly entering after the track comfortably took time to properly build. With gentle beats, yet a pretty pulsating bass line, the emphasis is on the hypnotic, unremitting lead sequences.The A side of the bonus 7” included with the package displays a unsettling piece, due to its uncanny, isolated yet peculiar charm. A desert island ambient track, graced with floating beauty and enchanting sorrow. Just when you thought you were going to get away in a placating manner, the B side hits you with a heavily cerebral, rusty as the Titanic’s door knobs leftfield noisy avalanche, in the vein of Downwards recent Six Six Seconds or Collin Gorman Weiland’s recent releases. A sudden metamorphosis – and voila – you are suddenly offered a gorgeous, levitating ambient soundscape like few others I’ve heard recently. Too bad it ends so soon, I could go on listening to an elaboration of that theme for twenty minutes, if aptly done.The packaging. While most of us are all about the music, every once in a while you stumble upon a release which buys you right off with something extra for your money’s worth. Well, this is it. Two pieces of smoked clear vinyl, a bonus regular black 7”, a badge, an eight page fanzine, with trippy, awkward psychedelic photos/art pieces inside, some of which can be found on their website… Let’s be honest here: all personal issue aside, there really isn’t much to complain about. Well, I would have preferred two more vinyls, but I already excluded the personal stuff in my previous sentence, so let’s leave the wishes for Christmas. In brief, this is as good of a reminder as any you’re likely to get as to why selling your record player maybe wasn’t such a good idea in the first place.Sandwell District does the right thing here, realizing that if you want people to buy the physical item rather than go digital, you just have to lure them, go out there and give the fans that little something extra to win them over. That is precisely what they do. Phenomenal music topped off by a carefully designed and highly collectible packaging. In my years of collecting music that is a safe purchase. Cracking music + an awesome layout/presentation = a more than good reason to own this.Is that hype? Perhaps. If it by any chance is, I am right on top of the bandwagon, and damn proud of it too. In my cook book, along with the slamming fifth Ancient Methods installment, the re-release of the 2000 "Againstnature" album on Downwards (does that even count or am I cheating?) and Petar Dundov’s astounding instant classic Distant Shores, this is the quintessential release of 2010, which, as far as my ears can tell, turned more heads and raised more eye brows than anybody could have anticipated, in addition to squeezing the best out of its four respective makers. Maybe their output on Sandwell District hasn’t been always consistent, but I reckon Feed forward earned its place in the Champions League of techno music. For what my pennies are worth, this one has ‘future reference point’ scribbled all over it."Don’t believe the hype!" – hm, maybe Chuck D & Flava Flav ought to reconsider their chorus and get with the program here. Don’t sleep on this one.
great ant
This is an interesting release for me because up until this point i've had no interest in any Sandwell District releases or related Artists. I say "up until this point" and i'm talking about the years between 95 & Now. But some of the tracks on this lp have rekindled a long lost love i felt for early Luke Slater, X-tront & Planetary Assault Systems releases. In fact this lp has stirred certain feelings & memories from the old Colin Dale / Faver era that i've not felt in many many years of continued listening to techno. Furthermore, and after a pause of about 3 years, It's also giving me the inspiration & energy to re-start my own musical endeavors, although not necessarily in this style. Anyway.....I'm sure there are many more amazing artists creating this kind of music, albeit unknown to me at present, but i'm simply grateful to have found something to reignite my love & passion for techno & for the inspiration to start producing again.
Good stuff but still like the older, bolder Regis sound :) Having said that the B-side of the 7" is a cracker.
Hawk Flying
To dreamstatesounds: If it's not worth that kind of money then why did you pay it? It's not like there weren't plenty of clips on the internet, especially by the time you paid such a stupid amount. Personally I didn't find it worth the 17 GBP Juno was asking let alone even more so I didn't buy it when I had the chance, though it seems I made a gross miscalculation as I could of cleared more than a bill off of a fool like you and put it towards some incredible music.This is all hype, that's all, even down to the numerous delays. Fuck, with all those delays (and the complementary artificially increased demand) you think they could have pressed a few more copies. I had high hopes and have been a Sandwell supporter since the early days but this simply isn't equal to the mass fanfare. And yes, I've heard the full release, I downloaded it seeing as the SD crew gave 99% of people little choice. I like it, don't get me wrong, but these practices really turn me off. Hell, I've never bought another Fachwerk release after Dehnert's little MD2 shenanigans and I can see an end to my support of the SD crew as well. These things are only a matter of time. It's sad that almost no one who creates anything these days can keep it going strong—they always succumb to delusions of their own grandeur.
You might see it differently if you were a (probably) poor artist trying to run a (probably also poor) label. 1000 releases- 2000 records, plus twice the mastering/plating costs- is a big chunk of cash upfront. $3000 absolute minimum, not counting mastering or anything label artwork or PR, or shipping even. I think the scarcity is more likely costs rather than them "artificially increasing demand" as if they were De Beers.
I was hardly blaming anyone?! Of course it's not their problem, and for that matter it's not a problem. I was merely commenting on the stupidity of the whole situation. Personally I think all limited releases are bullshit. I've paid a lot for records and I've sold a few expensive things myself, but I'd rather every record was the same price, in ample supply, and everyone who wanted it could get it without much pain. These practices just breed aftermarket hoarding. Sure, it's nice to have music that not many people have access to, but ultimately who cares; if it's good, it's good, if it sucks, it sucks. Nowadays I only pay top dollar for stuff that is genuinely rare, for example records that are ten to twenty years old and in great condition. Everything else is just skewed economics. Of course I've got alerts up the wazoo for everything I like to avoid missing out on the good shit.
It is hype but it aint their problem that you didnt pay 17 pounds for 3 records and a zine:)
Diggin this one a lot, cool packaging to! Reminds me of Echospace's first one with the 2LP + clear 7" format, I wish more artist and labels would do stuff like this.
If you want to have an big techno orgasm you need to listen to this album. For me it's the best techno album in last five years. Am I dreaming? This is the reason why I love techno - the real techno!!!
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